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Your true purpose is the greatest expression of your energy

Everything is energy.

And we all have AN energy.

In fact everything you see right now is a result of your past energy.

If you started a business, if you thought about starting a business or just wanted to pursue a passion, the energy you used to make your choices, created NOW.

Energy is your greatest tool, and learning how to use yours, to its highest potential, is your purpose.

That might mean you create an empire which makes millions of dollars, or that you sit alone painting landscapes feeling more joy than you thought possible.

There is no set blueprint for how it gets to look, you are your own masterpiece.

And if that sounds like something that you'd love to do but haven't been able to master as of yet, here's something you may not have considered.

A lot of the spiritual and personal growth community would love for you to believe that you get to experience the highs by being 'high vibe' ALL of the time.

I don't know about you but when I've tried that it really feels fake, because seriously who is in a good mood all of the time?

Everyone has off days, even when you've been doing 'the work' for a long time.

So here's something I've learned that started to change the game for me.

It's not about sustaining a fake smile, feeling high vibe, and high fiving everyone in sight, it's more about learning to embrace, and even love, the times when you are low vibe.

If we follow the Law of Polarity we can't have high without low.

We can't deny the low, we need to learn how to work with it.

That's how you stay focused, show up consistently and use your energy to its potential.

In fact your results come just as much from how you use your low vibe energy than your high vibe energy.

Game changer!

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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