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Working with me

Divine Purpose Reading

Get total clarity on your life purpose and what your soul came here to experience in this lifetime.​

Together we'll decipher how that will look for you based on your personal passions and life experience.

90 minute intuitive reading and recording.

* £88

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Inner Empress Activation

30 days to discover and embody your Inner Empress to move you out of any fear which has been holding you back from showing up, sharing your gifts and creating the work you were born to do.

In 30 days: 

~ harmonise your feminine and masculine energies for more balance, fun and connection

~ harness your inner creatrix for creativity and to create quantum shifts in your reality

~ create a magical mindset for mental clarity and aligned actions 



~ 4 x coaching sessions (either coaching/NLP/subconscious recoding)

~ Empress meditation, journal prompts

~ Voice/messenger support

* £666 (instalments available)

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Transformative 4 month programme to overcome your limiting beliefs, creative blocks and visibility fears to fully own your soul work in your beautiful business and create freedom, impact and wealth.

In 4 months: 

~ Create a detailed roadmap of your soul work in your beautiful business


~ Inner Empress Activation 

~ 6 further coaching sessions (either coaching/NLP/subconscious recoding)

~ Meditation, journal prompts, worksheets

~ Voice/messenger support


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Tarot + Oracle Readings

Life Direction Reading - A 45 minute intuitive reading with tarot and oracle cards to show you what your soul wants you to now at this time so you have clarity on how to navigate any challenges you are facing with your business, or life, for greater abundance, peace and freedom.

* £44

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