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The rise of feminine leadership

For this week’s transit we are asked to consider Gene Key 37: weakness, equality, tenderness.

This is all centred around the theme of the family, that of the traditional structure, and as a universal concept.

In the shadow frequency this Gene Key invites us to contemplate how we view weakness.

In traditional terms it is women, or the feminine, that has been viewed as the weaker side.

Though this Gene Key is in no way asking us to take sides, more so it is about recognising how things we once considered ‘weak’ can become strong.

For example, you may have spent your life feeling that you were ‘less than’ because you are sensitive or emotional, until you recognise the gifts that lie within these traits.

Your once viewed weakness then becomes your high emotional intelligence, and superpower, which you use to guide you towards what truly matters to you.

In leadership terms, this Key reminds me of the mother energy that runs the household but often gets overlooked as a leader, because it may not be the loudest or the most obvious energy.

Whereas a more traditional style of leadership, funnily enough is often focused in and of the mind and how to ‘make things happen’, often by pressure.

Instead feminine leadership has dropped into the heart space and takes action from a place of love, which will always ‘outpower’ what the mind can conjure.

The mother that rescued her child from underneath a car connected to superhuman strength, which came purely from the heart.

The real flex is combining the intention from the heart with an empowered mindset, to breed a style of leadership which will be both loving and revolutionary and create a strength which empowers us all.

If you want to go deep on this to get more clarity in your leadership, to weed out the places you are giving away your power, and how to strengthen your boundaries to reach your next level, DM to book a session.

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