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Your purpose is your peace

Want to know a great way to tell if you’re living your purpose?

It’s how you feel at the end of the day.

I used to end every day feeling not enough.

Not enough as a single mum.

Not enough in my work.

Not enough money.

That I didn’t split myself into enough pieces to make everyone else happy (note I was not on that list).

From that place of not feeling enough, it always felt that there was SO much more I could have done, achieved and been each day, and because I hadn’t then each day was a failure.

Even if I’d shown up for my kids, held everything together as a single mum, shown up in my business, shown up in my relationships it felt like I’d fallen short of this point of perfection.

And that feeling of not enough was how I ended the day, and therefore how I started each new day, which created more of the same.

UNTIL I really looked at, got a handle on and decided to release that feeling because I decided I don’t want to live like that anymore.

I want to live a life founded on my peace, and following my true purpose even if that means I don’t get everything done in one day.

My purpose, your purpose, or anyone’s purpose is not based on feeling not enough.

It’s not why you’re here.

So if it’s how you feel it’s time to decide if you want to live a different life.

Because your purpose is your peace.

Living in your purpose is ending each day feeling I did enough today and really feeling that.

Even if you made some mistakes, you said something wrong or dealt with some negativity.

Choosing the path of your purpose gives you fulfilment (the opposite of that shitty not enough feeling).

You may end the day tired, there may be more lessons to learn but there will always be that feeling that today I was enough and I can’t wait to live more of my purpose tomorrow.

If you struggle with feeling like you are not enough then I invite you to book a Divine Purpose Reading, these are powerful, intuitive readings where I will help you connect to your true purpose, show you how that feeling of not enough has been holding you back AND how you can move past it. A 60 minute session is currently $111.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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