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Your gifts are always ready to shine

Shining your light doesn’t mean feeling light all of the time >>

Just so you know, you’re allowed to shine your light and be human.

Sharing your unique gifts to the world doesn’t mean being high vibe every day.

It doesn’t mean never having an off day.

It doesn’t mean that you never consider giving up.

What it does mean is that you allow yourself the space to be a real person, who might be facing challenges, might be healing, might be awakening


While giving all of that 👆space, you also BECOME the person who chooses to show up.

Who chooses to do a workout rather than zone out in front of the TV.

Who writes that article because you felt called to share something and said you would (this massively builds self trust).

Who researched the prices for the event you want to hold, even though you don’t know when it will be or who will be coming (you just know that it’s happening).

Sharing your gifts with the world, pursuing your soul work and building a beautiful business is about staying on track.

The tracks allow you to wobble from time to time, but even if things feel a bit bumpy, you keep to your course.

The track, by the way, is not fixed it can twist and turn wherever your imagination, your focus and the universe want to take you.

Plenty of things, people and situations will attempt to derail you, but they cannot when you keep choosing to stay on course ~ even on the days where you’re feeling especially human.

It’s still your choice.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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