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Your ever-unfolding purpose

🐚 How are you living your purpose?

Because finding it is one part of the journey, and living it is all the steps afterwards, re-finding and redefining it with each one.

Your purpose is a journey, one which is ever un-folding, deepening and enlightening.

Your purpose is many destinations, uncovering, unleashing and expanding the parts of your soul.

Your purpose is timeless, eternal and limitless.

Your purpose is the divinely guided journey of your soul - and it is calling to you to be LIVED.

So how are you living it day to day?

How are you allowing what is meant for you to come through?

Are you creating space for your soul’s desires?

A sure sign you are not is your relationship to TIME.

⏰ If you always feel busy - but not in a good way.

⏰ If you feel time is running away from you.

⏰ If you feel there is never enough time.

Then where is there the time for your soul to breathe?

Because when you connect to what is coming from your soul-

Time changes.

It doesn’t feel heavy or restricted.

You’re not losing time, you’re filling it with what you love and letting go of what you don’t.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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