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You are the dreamer of the dream (an important shift to creating your dream)

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

To all you dreamers, dreaming is a legitimate business strategy.

Which is probably not what you’ve been told.

You’ve probably been told that you need to dream less, and work harder.

You’ve probably been told that your dreams, the real ones, are unrealistic and you need to aim a bit lower.

Which is not fun.

But also dreams (the good ones) don’t fit into little boxes that you might get to have ‘one day’.

Dreams are expanding, limitless and unapologetic.

Which is also the energy you need to start experiencing your dream.

And the energy you need in your business to create the freedom, impact and wealth you truly desire.

So what really slows you down from having the dream now?

Maybe it’s not what you think.

Dreams are not built on thin air.

Dreams, even the really big ones, need a structure.

And that comes firstly from you.

Since it all starts with you.

The structure you hold within yourself will determine what you can create.

You can work harder and harder if you really want to, but it won’t matter so much if you have an internal structure which can’t support your dream.

No matter how hard you work, your dream will never quite be a reality if the structure isn’t there.

This is the point most people give up on their dreams and resign that they should have kept it in the little box on the shelf.

Yet if you can dream it, it is yours.

And structures can be changed.

And the structure you currently hold is not set in stone.

You can choose a new structure, one which will support and evolve the current dream which feels like it’s a bit too big, but is just waiting to be experienced.

Be you, be limitless,


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