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What is your higher self urging you to create?

The call of your higher self >>

Being creative is so much more than the sense of feeling you are creative.

Every time you’re focused on what you’re creating, the pleasing sentence, the right picture, the outfit that is kicking, there is so much more that you are being called to create.

When you’re agonising over one social media post, should I say it like this or like that, it is a drop in the ocean of your MISSION, the bigger thing you are here to create and live.

It doesn’t make you feel alive when you’re in that place of indecision, of self-doubt and fear of judgement and criticism.

And that’s not what creativity is about.

Creativity is about creating something, to create a thing whether it’s a piece of writing, painting or how you arrange your flowers.

It’s about feeling ALIVE in the process.

It’s a caring very deeply and creating without a care in the world at the same time.

Ever watch children colouring? They give something orange ears, because why not?, they make hair into rainbows and the grass red. Then they say: ‘look at what I’ve done?’ feeling super proud.

They come from a place of pure knowing of how it’s going to be – and then they create it.

And you still have that knowing within you, even if it’s been a while since you did any colouring.

Your higher self is calling you to look beyond what you’re feeling stuck in right now to remind you that there is so much more.

The vision she wants to share with you is so much more expansive, one where you get to feel ALIVE in the process.

One where you get to create, to create with joy, to be your true self.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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