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Did you wake up this morning?

Like fully AWAKE?

Or did you start this week yet again going through the motions, doing the same old same old and hoping that somehow you’ll get a different outcome?

Because there’s a big difference between being awake and SOUL awake.

When you just wake up like you always have you get your coffee, get bombarded with other people’s needs and energies and then somewhere along the day you think about what you should be doing and how there probably won’t be time today so I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

Except when tomorrow rolls around you wake up the same and it then rolls over again and again.

Sound familiar?

There’s no judgment here, we’ve all been there pushing what we want further and further into the distance until it’s gained so much momentum we can’t get it back.

The only way we can is to WAKE UP our soul.

When ALL of you wakes up each day it gets to be kinda different, you have a laser like focus to what each and every moment needs to be about and you’re not thinking of the thing you’ll get around to because you are already BEING it ALL of the time.

In fact EVERYTHING reorganises itself around your focus so it’s right there with you.

You’re clear on your mission and purpose.

You know the steps you need to take.

You’re the walking, talking version of your soul living in its human form.

No more putting off, procrastinating or hoping.

Instead your vision just gets closer and closer every moment. It is POWERFUL.

To activate this you can remind yourself each and every day, as many times as you need, to ‘wake up’. It WILL make a difference.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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