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Stop asking your mind (your body knows the answers)

Stop asking your mind ~ your body knows the answers >>

How long have you spent trying to think your way out of a problem?

Our minds are great, super powerful, yet if you give it a problem, it will keep you in your problem.

Round and round it goes.

Like with how you show up in your business.

Has your agonising and anxiety over how to be seen more improved your visibility?

Likely it’s just racked up the brain miles.

Your mind works best when you set it up for success, so when you’re not focusing on the problem.

So rather than asking how can I be more visible today, with the energy of I really NEED more people to see me.

You could ask, how do I intend to show up today and serve? With the energy of I choose to be of service to my audience.

Which feels lighter?

Which feels easier in your body?

Which got you out of overthinking and moving toward an action?

Fully showing up and serving is a full body experience.

We ask so much of our minds, forgetting they are only part of our capacity to KNOW the answers.

Anytime you’re caught in panic thinking, you shut off the oracle of information you can access through your body, if only you would ask it.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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