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Running from your light

Are you sick of not moving forward?

Amazing ideas, which you don’t put into practice.

DREAM relationships, which aren’t there yet.

Massive financial abundance, but the money isn’t flooding in.

Where ever it is that it is NOT happening, and not in the way you know it can, it leaves you feeling massively stuck.

So you try and think your way out of the mess.

Because you know with all of your heart how it COULD be.

You know you’re here to create something magical, experience love on an epic scale and make a ton of money in the process.

And that isn’t some fake, Cinderella-esque notion of ‘women having it all’ fairytale, it’s a real living and beating feeling in your HEART.

So if you’re going to spend any time in your head, ask yourself:

Where am I running from my light?

Because all of those things that you know with soul-certainty that you can have, and are destined to have, are not going to appear if you in any way deny who you are here to truly be.

Because those things happen when you turn your light ALL THE WAY UP.

And what happens when you realise how bright your light truly is?

You run away from it!

Tell me if you don’t…

Because it’s so bright, it’s going to show every itty bitty part of you that makes you question: can I really do this?

Every little limitation, old belief, habit, stored emotion, whatever, it will bring them all out, whether they are yours or not, and you’ll use them as excuses to not go for what is rightfully yours.

It’s called RESISTANCE.

I’m not experienced enough to make my idea a reality.

My relationship has gone to shit so I’ll never have true love.

I’ve got all this freaking debt so I can’t be abundant.


You’ll try and balance out the brilliance of your own being because surely I can’t shine that bright, when yes of course you can, and you shall IF you’re here to create what you know is truly possible for you.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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