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Peace is your personal power

Ahh inner peace, isn’t it divine?

If you want to feel more powerful in your life, find your peace.

And to do that you have to know what peace is.

Because likely you’ve been hustling, pushing and fighting to get what you want.

And take it from me, that is exhausting.

And unnecessary.

Finding peace within doesn’t mean giving up on your motivation, your passions or your ‘fight’.

Peace isn’t giving up on life and going to live in solitude and silence.

It’s harnessing the fire within and becoming very intentional about where you use it.

That is peace.

You can still be passionate, fiery, animated, ALIVE, in fact you won’t feel peaceful unless you do.

You have a fire within and divine gifts which are waiting to be expressed and you will stay in conflict with yourself until you realise what they are.

And just to note a divine gift is more than your ability to organise a spreadsheet, though that is useful, it’s who you are in your greatest expression.

An artist.

A creator.

And when you realise your gifts? It will feel as though a massive weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

For a long time I’ve denied my intuition and my ‘connection’ because my old conditioning made me feel I couldn’t be spiritual in the ‘right’ way. Like the Universe cares?

And my coach said to me but Vicky you see signs, crazy timelines and hear messages. All true.

And suppressing those abilities takes a whole lot of energy, and was causing me a whole load of inner turmoil, because I wasn’t living in truth (one of my greatest values).

When all along my truth was my peace and my key to my personal power.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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