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New reality (new identity)

I know you’re thinking you can create your new reality from the outside.

That if you take enough external action that you’ll see the changes you’ve been hoping for.

And if you put enough focus ‘out there’ that you will not have to look ‘in there’.

That you can escape the inner work, and you won’t have to change.

On some level you believe that you can stay the same, and show up in the same way and that enough external ‘effort’ will create the reality you want.

Except, the external cannot hold up a new image UNTIL you have also made the internal shift.

You cannot escape the ‘inner work’.

You cannot be the exact same person, the person who made the decisions that created your current reality, and expect to get to the NEW reality.

A new reality is going to need different decisions, and different decisions need a new identity.

Because until you shift your identity to the person that has the new reality you want, you’ll continue to make the decisions from your old identity which has created what you currently have.

And the thing is, your identity is not fixed. You are not Zoolander, you have more than one look.

You can become the person that loves what they do, that has created financial success and abundance and who is making an impact in the world.

All of those outcomes are available to you.

It is possible for your identity to hold that reality, or whatever it is that is important to you – more freedom, connection, inspiration.

And so much more.

And the inner work is required so you can open up the space to hold the new identity, of the person (which is you) who has the new reality.

And there is no limit to what that new reality can be.

So tell me who it is you get to be from now on? 👇

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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