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It’s not about how life looks on the outside if you don’t feel it on the inside >>

The ‘it’ is the freedom, love, joy, happiness and abundance or that feeling of being ‘alive’.

Alive in that you’re really in the moment, making the most of the moment.

Alive in feeling like you’re being the person you’re meant to be, doing what you’re here for and creating the kind of life that you’ll look back on and feel proud.

When I became a single mum just over 4 years ago, it’s fair to say the whole process, in its many twists and turns, took the wind out of my sails for a while.

I value family a lot, so never imagined I’d be a single parent.

Not seeing your children every day, and being purposely restricted from speaking to them on others, is a next level mindset and energy game.

And this is where choosing your focus, and having it resonate with every fibre of your being is a game-changer.

I could have become that beaten down, depleted woman who was stuck in her own grief and despair, but I didn’t want to create the rest of my, or my children’s lives, from that place.

That was what was handed to me, and I gracefully declined and decided exactly how I wanted it to be.

And it is.

(The gratitude pours from me everyday).

But it doesn’t just ‘look’ it (it being the freedom, love, joy, happiness and abundance) it IS it on every level because I created it from within.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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