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I think you should just go for it (and so do your ancestors)

Are you scared of your purpose?

You have the deep feeling of what you need to BE doing but can’t quite step into it.

You have amazing ideas, which you don’t act on and then see other people succeeding with the same idea.

You get knots in your throat, chest or stomach when you go to make a move on something and end up feeling frozen.

You’re not alone, in this lifetime or previous ones.

The fears that come up are real and OLD.

I struggled with being visible for a long time in my business because of that old wound.

Some call it the witch wound, but many know it as the fear of expressing themselves because something bad will happen.

In previous times speaking up, showing up, being in your light resulted in being chained and tortured or drowned.

That would invoke fear in anyone right?

And those fears travelled into this lifetime to be RELEASED.

You don’t even have to know the exact details to ‘let them go’.

But you must if you want to BE in your purpose.

It’s why you feel the call so strong now, if you listen your ancestors are urging you to do what they were not able to do.

Because it is TIME.

Your light is so needed. I know you feel this.

It’s something I’m super passionate about, helping you find your light, your place living in your purpose and to release the past that no longer serves you, or any of us.

If you’d like to do this work, I have spaces in my 6 month 1:1 Empress Energy where we’ll work closely together with subconscious recoding and energy work to finally make peace and release those old wounds which have prevented you from fully living out your purpose - until now.

Send me a DM to apply.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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