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Focus creates success

Moment to moment we have millions of bits of information available to us. And to stop us from going into complete overwhelm we select around 2,000 of those bits of information, and that is the filter through which you see your life. Of course, you have a format to how you choose that information. At one extreme ‘life is happening to me’ and at the other, ‘everything is working out for me.’ It’s a wide scale. Life looks a lot different when you feel out of control, compared to when you surrender to what is possible. It’s the difference of leading from your heart, or letting fear run the show. And it matters in your business. It’s a brave move to leave behind everything you know and CREATE something for yourself. When you were in your JOB you were in a structure, the one provided by your team and organisation. You knew where you stood. When you took your leap out into entrepreneurship you lost that structure, and are probably realising that you need to create one for yourself. There’s no boss taking all of the responsibility, no HR department to ask questions and no one else to make you a coffee. All of a sudden it’s all on YOU. And that’s where those 2,000 bits of information that are fuelling your focus make all the difference. And you get to choose. Be you, be limitless, Vicky 🤍❤️❤

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