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Feeling stuck? Divine guidance is all around

Feeling stuck? Divine guidance is all around>>

I believe intuition is one of our greatest gifts, and learning to trust it is our second.

Everyone has intuition, yet most are disconnected from it.

I sure was. Intuition can be (almost scarily) powerful and listening to it means making big changes - so sometimes it’s easier not to listen, until it isn’t.

Your intuition whispers, until you ignore it. Then it can get pretty loud!

Ever face a life drama, only to look back and remember how you had a sense at the start of what was yet to come?

That was your intuition. But likely you didn’t listen because you didn’t trust some part of yourself.

Listening and trusting what you already know makes life so much simpler.

Intuition isn’t something you go out and get, you remember that you have it. That you’ve always had it.

After one too many life dramas I reconnected to my intuition, and the messages waiting to come through never fail to amaze me.

Earlier this year, I was seeking guidance and I heard a voice which told me to trust myself.

(There was a time I would have been so scared to share that- but I know someone today needs to hear this).

I wasn’t scared of the voice because, unlike other people’s judgements, it came from love.

But just to be on the safe side I asked the universe for a sign.

I asked to see a 🦁.

Since then I’ve seen many lions, some where you would expect and others where you would least expect them (the true signs).

Like the other day, walking my usual route I happened to be on the right side of the pavement and what catch’s my eye?

Not just a lion, but two. Two stone lions standing side by side, holding up the top of a bench.

I’ve walked this route many times now and never seen this before.

And when did I see it? As I was pondering my next big move, there it was a signifier of strength, the power of our foundations and a reminder that we achieve the most for ourselves when we work side by side. When we lead from within.

This is why I always work with clients on their WHY, because it holds up everything else.

And this knowing is always available to us.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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