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Creating your future

Honour the past

Focus in the now

Create the future

The key to living your soul’s purpose 🔑 is to know who you are ✨

Who you really are.

Because we all have a story…that we live by and sometimes we don’t even realise what that story really is as it’s been hiding deep in our subconscious.

Which is why I love combining tools such as oracle cards and subconscious recoding because the more you understand your stories the more you can honour why they’re there and then file them accordingly.

Chapter 5 does not have to make a cameo appearance in chapter 45 🎥

And that’s super powerful when it comes to living your purpose because some of those stories stop you in your tracks from doing the things which are true to you.

And you might have had people tell you to fake it until you make it and feel the fear and do it anyway, but if some of those stories where created in fear, from experiences you found traumatic, then you don’t want to feel more fear.

So you’ll self sabotage, procrastinate and outright avoid what you know you need to do because there’s a story running in the back of your mind literally screaming at you DO NOT DO THAT.

Then because you’re a human meaning making machine you create a further story to explain how lazy or busy you are and that’s why you haven’t taken the action.

And you’re neither, or any of the other things you tell yourself.

You are not your coping mechanisms

Or your conditioning

Or your traumas

They are not the truth of who you are BUT they can feed into a story which stops you from living your truth, your actual potential and your soul’s purpose.

And you do that by remembering who you really are

I am the light

I am a beautiful soul

I’m here for a reason

I have a purpose

It’s my divine right to express my gifts

I matter

I claim my space in the world

I am love

I am abundant

I am beauty

Reconnecting to your true purpose doesn’t have to take a lifetime, which is why I created SOUL CODES a 6 week 1:1 active remembering to deeply connect you to what is true for you and clear anything which isn’t.

If you’d like all the info, just hit reply to this message.

AND I'm holding a group private reading and releasing ceremony for the Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday 16 February where I'll share the group's energy and personal message for each attendee. Places are £11.11 and you can book yours here:

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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