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Coming out of the fire

The way to your biggest transformation is THROUGH the pain.

No more numbing

No more avoiding

Just being able to sit in ALL of your feelings.

To sit in your FIRE.

When the relationship is ending

When the dream collapses

When the past resurfaces

When all the pain of the losses, betrayals and hurts come to light are you finally going to stand and face it ALL?

To stop the patterns of over, over-giving, over-spending, over-working, over-drinking, anything that has consumed you so you don’t LOOK at what feels it is going to burn you to the ground.

Because when you stand your ground, and look back at your darkness, what happens?

When you stop running from your shadow, it falls away.

The darkness wants to be felt, and then it fades away.

It takes an enormous amount of energy to HOLD it all in, and you need that energy for want you’re really here for, the joy, abundance and connection.

This is what the Empress archetype teaches us, for she has sat in the FIRE and it did not burn her, she learnt the lessons and ROSE out of the flames so she could shine her light, her real FIRE.

She took what was meant to destroy her and she transmuted that energy into pure CREATIVE POWER.

Because she wasn’t afraid to face the feelings.

She wasn’t afraid of the story those feelings were supposed to represent.

She wasn’t afraid to take all of that light within her and write the REAL STORY, the one she wants to live.

If your inner Empress could tell you one thing it would be this:

‘Your past does not predict your future’ now go create accordingly.

If you're ready to connect to this energy, leave your past behind and step into some serious creative power send me a message about SHE: RISES my 1:1 coaching offer where we go deep into what has been holding you back, until now.

Be you, be limitless,


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