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Clear thinking

If you want a better mindset, pay less attention to your thoughts.

It was a long lesson for me to not trust every thought I had.

In the past I mainly lived in my head.


I thought I could think my way out of situations, that the answer to nearly every problem was to spend more time thinking.

Which used up a lot of energy, left me open to every and any thought I had and didn’t bring me a resolution.

The old me would have thought the answer was always to spend MORE time thinking.

It’s almost funny to think how could I have possibly have thought this approach would bring me clarity.

Thoughts will come along and then go, just like the clouds.

Some are helpful, some aren’t.

Most are the byproduct of conditioning, programming and our ancestors.

And any time we’re thinking of a solution we’re confirming that I have a problem, which locks us further into fixing and out of creating.

Let’s use money as an example.

When you’re worrying about money, obsessing how you don’t have enough, not only are you stating I have a problem but you’re also putting yourself in stress and out of your creativity.

Which generates a lot of thinking, the kind that goes round and round, and closes you down from receiving ideas, inspired actions or indeed actual money.

Ever notice how money comes when you stop thinking about it, when you let go?

All the time you were thinking about lack, and confirming the PROBLEM, you weren’t finding a solution, rather you were creating resistance against money.

So you can choose to let the unhelpful thoughts pass on through because as the person who has all the money they need (and more is always coming) what would you be thinking about?

It wouldn’t be problems.

You would be creating.

And from that place you drop the resistance and open to the infinite possibilities that are available to you all of the time.

So clear, and it didn’t take very much thinking at all.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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