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Choose your circle

To the people who aren’t supporting you >>

Let them.

You’re not here to convince, persuade or argue why your dream matters.

You don’t need approval, validation or permission from one single person around you.

Not one.

Your dream is not dependent on your circle getting it, being your biggest cheerleaders or being inspired by you.

Yes it’s nice if you have that, but it’s not a requirement.

Your dream needs building with or without the people around you ‘getting’ what you’re doing.

And if they don’t, let them.

Honour their not getting it.

Creating something different than you’ve ever created before

🐚 A successful business

🐚 An abundant life

🐚 A new level of personal freedom

Takes energy, so preserve yours

Takes mindset, so keep yours clear

Takes love, so open your heart.

And if you need support, call in the support you need, ask for the people who get you without you having to explain yourself.

And keep building.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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