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Better call SOUL

Not progressing how you want?

Your career isn't quite lighting you up, you feel unheard by those who are meant to love you and you can't connect to the amount of money you really want to create.

It makes you feel STUCK.

And feeling stuck sucks.

And when we're stuck we search for answers, to get out of confusion, out of the non-movement, looking for anything to make us feel like 'something' is happening.

Looking for something to take away that feeling we have when we're stuck.

That feeling we have about ourselves.

Challenges are a part of life.

Sometimes they're little.

Sometimes they're pretty big.

And the bigger the challenges, the more you're looking for the answers.

The more you're feeling let down, betrayed and deceived by life, the more you're searching.

And it doesn't matter who you speak to, the only voice you really need to listen to is your soul.

Having a hard time?

Better call soul (I couldn't resist).

Your soul is the truth of who you are, it doesn't bullshit you EVER.

It only knows truth.

And the truth always sets you free.

It always allows you to move forward.

It always shows you the way you need to go.

So, what does your soul need you to know today?

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤

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