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Are you currently stuck in a problem in your business?

The problem of attracting clients, making more money, knowing the next step.

All BIG problems.

And which ever you’re facing (it doesn’t even really matter which it is) is confirming that there is a problem.

And you can’t fix a problem from the problem.

If you feel you’re not making enough money, that becomes your point of focus.

And all of your words, energy and actions confirm ‘I’m not making enough money.’

You look for solutions to fix the problem.

You make decisions based on the problem.

Because your business is personal to you, you deep down think YOU are the problem.


That right there is a limitation destined to keep you stuck in lack and making no more money.

You are not a problem, and you don’t need fixing.

In fact what if we did away with the idea of a problem and considered a creative opportunity.

What if you wanted to make more money, for the sake of making more (wild), and chose a route that was aligned, energised and even fun!

Yes you are allowed to have fun.

Which do you honestly think is going to bring in the money?

And regardless which feels like it would be a more abundant way to live even without the money?

This kind of creativity is how an Empress lives. She creates from abundance (not problems).

Energy first, then creative action.

And from that place? She (you) can create ANYTHING.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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