Find your true calling with a Divine Purpose Reading


Get total clarity on your life purpose and what your soul came here to experience in this lifetime.

Together we'll decipher how that will look for you and your personal passions and life experience.




What they say

“I highly recommend working with Victoria if you want to learn about the principles of feminine energy. She’s so good at listening and advising things that are not so common to hear. I realised how important it is to stay relaxed and grounded rather than putting too much effort into making things happen. Thank you!


How it works

1. Schedule your call

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2. Show up for your call

We will go through some important questions about you and your business, in order to better help you

3. Gain Clarity

You will understand your true self, your strengths and the obstacles you face in achieving your goals

Achieving harmony between what and who you love doesn't have to be so hard

As an ambitious woman entrepreneur you always strive to achieve new heights in your purpose, finances and relationships.

You know that you love the feeling of being lit up by what you do, being of service and making a difference.


✖️ You often feel selfish for really going after what you want

✖️ You make sacrifices and stay small to keep the peace in your relationships

✖️ You disconnected from your feminine side as you try to do everything and end up in burnout.

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Victoria sitting down on grass

This is for you if...


1. You want to achieve personal freedom and be the greatest expression of your self and living your true purpose

2. You want to have FUN, because that's why you love doing business in the first place

3. You want to get rid of stress and anxiety in your personal life and feel loved in your relationships as your true self


Is this suitable for me If I'm just starting out my business?

Of course it is! If you feel the need to clarify your next steps in business and in your personal life, do not hesitate to book a reading.

What if I miss my divine purpose reading session?

No worries, you can reschedule the session. Be sure to inform me at least 24 hours before rescheduling.

I have a professional career. Is this for me if I'm not an entrepreneur?

Yes! Being on your purpose and following your career path is not that different from running a business. You certainly qualify for a reading session.

Do you have any more questions?

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