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Expertly position your gifts to expand your money, impact and freedom


You are the gift.

What you, and only you, can do and who you came here to be is a gift to the world, and it's time you saw it and owned it.

It's the key to all of the money, impact and freedom you could desire to create.

The more you can see your unique gifts, you'll know exactly how you need to lead yourself and others.

Get clarity with a Breakthrough Session

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Victoria Leek 
Leadership Coach for Female Founders

Guiding female founders and creatives to discover and develop their leadership style

Not all leaders know they are leaders. 

Or maybe you do and haven't found the style of leadership that really works for you.

Either way, it's because you're not meant to be showing up, leading or sharing your gifts like anyone else.

That hasn't worked, it's tiring and unfulfilling.

So instead it's time to discover, design and develop the way that you want to lead in your life, with business and in your purpose.

This gets to be a beautiful process where you remember who you are at a soul level and the best way for you to share, and expand, that out into the world.

Be you, be limitless.

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You get to


Achieve personal freedom, be the greatest expression of your self and live your true purpose.

Have FUN, live in your own energy and relax and rest.

Break generational patterns around money and call in true wealth.

Live without stress and anxiety in your personal life and feel loved in your relationships.

Make a true difference by authentically showing up and inspiring others to do the same.

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My life has changed a lot since we started working together. It's one of the best things I've done for myself and your work is more effective than almost anything I've found.



How it works

1. Schedule your call

Use the scheduler at the bottom of this page to book your 60 minute video call. 

2. Show up for your call

We will go through some important questions about you and your business, in order to better help you

3. Gain Clarity

You will understand your true self, your strengths and the obstacles you face in achieving your goals

  • Is this suitable for me If I'm just starting out my business?
    Of course it is! If you feel the need to clarify your next steps in business and in your personal life, do not hesitate to book a reading.
  • What if I miss my session?
    No worries, you can reschedule the session. Be sure to inform me at least 24 hours before rescheduling.
  • I have a professional career. Is this for me if I'm not an entrepreneur?
    Yes! Being on your purpose and following your career path is not that different from running a business. You certainly qualify for a reading session.
Do you have any more questions?

Book Intuitive Reading


Use the scheduler below to choose a slot that works best for you. You’ll get an automated confirmation email with all the info you need.

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