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Your purpose is to master your reality

You can live your purpose now.

💁‍♀️You don’t have to travel the world hoping to ‘find’ yourself.

💁‍♀️ You don’t have to get another certificate.

💁‍♀️ And you don’t need to spend the next decade working your a$$ off.

Your true purpose is available right now, through your reality.

How’s your relationship to your reality currently?

It’s the key to being fully in your purpose.

Your purpose is to be aware of, present with and a master of your reality.

Becoming consistent at mastering your reality will turn you into a master manifestor, because your reality is made up of your energy and taking charge of that energy like a boss puts you in full-on creator mode.

And a vital step is identifying the story you’re currently running.

Take my client who knows she had numerous traumas from childhood.

What she had not realised was the massive amount of effort it was taking to repress some of the stories around those traumas, and around one in particular, the one she did not want to deal with.

Despite years of shadow work there was one story she kept off limits, using massive amounts of her energy to keep that particular narrative buried.

But it wanted to come out, and as she shared with me what she hadn’t been able to tell any of her psychologists or therapists, I helped her to see the links to how this story had been holding her back.

This story was the root of her emotional pain, cycles of self sabotage and also a story, and I helped her to see it’s not the only story available.

She is now choosing a different story which doesn’t play havoc with her reality, and allows her to regain her energy to create what she wants.

We all have stories, whether they come from trauma or not, and if what you want isn’t manifesting it’s likely you have one running that’s stealing the show and shaping your reality.

And mastering your reality is taking back control over those stories so your purpose can shine through, and it’s all available to you now.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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