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You deserve to feel perfect 💎

Not when you have more money

Not when you have the partner

Not when you’ve made it

But right now.

Perfect in your imperfections, in your messiness, in your wholeness.

If you identify anywhere on the perfectionist scale, you’ll know how it feels to be less than perfect.

And how much of your time, money and effort you’ve used, and maybe still are, in chasing the false sense of how your life will be when it looks perfect.

It’s the drive to fit in when you feel separate from others.

It’s the drive to succeed so you don’t feel like a failure.

And it’s the drive to comply so you don’t stand out (shine) and offend anyone.

And if any of this resonates, you’ll know that being a perfectionist is EXHAUSTING.

And if your soul is T I R E D of living like this, then there is another way.

Because the old people-pleasing, approval seeking way is not being true to yourself.

You’re always living by someone else’s standards.

Such as going for jobs where you might get a company car, because your family sees this as a great achievement, when you just want to do something you find meaningful.

And no matter how hard you try and try, and I know you’re not a quitter, it could look perfect but it won’t FEEL perfect.

And you deserve to experience the perfection of your life as an ever-unfolding masterpiece.

You deserve to feel perfect in yourself as a divine feminine woman who is here to experience her greatest potential.

You deserve to share that perfection with those around you, shining your inner light in a way that only you can.

You deserve it all.

Because you are perfect.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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