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Want to know something really cool about your purpose?

It will never leave you.

Money might be up and down, people might leave your life and it might feel you keep missing opportunities…but no matter what, your purpose is always there.

It’s a keeper.

Most of us have been taught to go after the things outside of ourselves.

Striving for houses, lives and people which look right from the outside but often don’t make us happy or truly fulfilled.

Because they’re not our purpose.

Your purpose never asks you to be anything but your true, authentic, badass self.

Yet so many of us are living, or have lived, lives which were never want we really wanted.

They’re constructed from our need for approval from peers, validation that we’re ‘ok’, or from our deepest wounds which builds a life based on fear.

And if you have a foundation made out of blocks of fear, it stands to reason it’s going to be hard to build love, freedom and abundance on top.

But your purpose, your divine purpose, the reason you incarnated as and when you did really doesn’t care about keeping up appearances, it just wants you to be you.

The true you.

Ever hear that saying: ‘you can’t go far wrong when you tell the truth?’

That is what living your purpose does, it gives you the key to all of the money, people and experiences which are perfect for you.

You never had to go after any of those things, they are all waiting to come to you when you claim your purpose.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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