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There’s more to your purpose than Y0UR purpose

We all have a calling.

A greater reason why we are here.

And most of us seek a sense of purpose to make our human experience more comfortable.

Most of us are looking for where we fit in to the grand scheme of things

Where we belong.

So realising that sense of purpose is kinda self serving.

And yes you should serve your self.

After all the energy you give to you is what you’ll direct out into the world

Except there is more to your purpose than you finding a place within the world

What finding your purpose is really about is allowing yourself to be the CHANNEL.

You don’t just learn to shine your light so you feel better, you learn to channel it so you direct it to something that needs light.

And let’s be honest there are plenty of places that do.

I recently started a new spiritual text and in the beginning chapter the author talks about the horrific sexual abuse and torture she endured in childhood, talking about these events as commonplace, along with trafficking of children and children who have lost their lives because of the abuse they have received and it BROKE MY HEART.

Is this new information? Sadly no.

But I’m not ok with a world where that still happens. In fact I’m not ok with any abuse towards children.

There’s a lot of things that grab our attention in this world, but if we want to see change we need to start focusing our attention differently.

We need to start remembering what matters, who the fuck we are and how to channel our own light.

So today I’m making a donation to WE RESCUE KIDS, a charity helping to heal children of sexual abuse and trafficking, and it will be the first of many.

It’s a drop in the ocean of the work to be done.

I invite you to do the same or show support to something that broke your heart.

And to know this.

When you start to follow your purpose nothing is wasted.

Every experience matters whether it gives you a lesson or helps to inspire someone else.

Whether you help to raise consciousness on the planet or help one person feel seen.

Whether you make a big or a small donation.

Be your purpose.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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