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The simple key to living your true purpose

So many people are struggling to live their purpose because they are looking for a ‘thing’.

Yet your purpose isn’t a title, object or trophy.

Purpose is intangible, transcendent and expansive.

The most important thing you need to do, actually the only thing, is to find your CONNECTION.

Connection to yourself, others, the universe and therefore your true purpose.

The more connected you are?

The deeper you can step into your purpose.

The more you connect to your emotions, feelings, thoughts, the more you can sort out who you really are and embrace what you are here to do.

Easier said than done in a world which nudges you towards disconnection with shiny objects, comparisonitis and not enough-ness.

But totally possible when you connect back to soul, that quiet voice within which says ‘this way’.

In a noisy world it’s important to remember to get quiet every now and then and listen to what is really true for you.

It’s often not what you thought it would be.

It’s in those moments you remember what you really dreamed of being, an artist, dancer, author, changemaker…

In those quiet moments you remember that you’re a creative soul who so wants to make something beautiful, just for the sake of creating it, and because you know it would bring joy to someone else.

The more you allow yourself to connect the dots, connect to your true essence as a being, your purpose will never be far away.

If you don’t feel like you’re living your true purpose, and are fed up of wasting time on the wrong path, I have Divine Purpose Readings available, a 60 minute intuitive reading + recording to get absolute clarity on your true purpose and together we’ll work out what that could look like for you based on your personal passions and experiences.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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