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Surround yourself with the people that bring out your passion 🔥

Passion is the fuel that drives your purpose.

🔥Passion is working through the night on your project

🔥Passion is not being able to contain all of your ideas

🔥Passion is admiring the drive you see in others

Passion is what connects you to the path of your purpose.

It’s no longer going through the motions.

It’s not doing what seems logical.

It’s not trying to prove things to others.

Passion will see you through fear, the dark night’s of the soul and other people’s judgements.

Passion is your FIRE, and like any fire it needs to be stoked.

Left too long it will go out.

And the people around you have a big impact on your fire.

Take my client:

When we met she had been in a relationship which was not building the fire, but ANXIETY, through on and off dynamics, a lack of mutual support and feeling like she had to limit her ambitions so as not to cause an imbalance.

And what was that doing to her inner fire? It was putting it well and truly out.

Fast forward to now and she released that energy, it no longer captivates her.

And releasing it made space for a new energy, one that is supportive, and passionate and HOLDS space for her fire.

Big difference.

New opportunities are coming in, support for the big dreams is unfolding AND she gets to be excited by the people around her rather than drained.

Your energy is precious.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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