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Success is yours for the making

Tell me how you viewed success as a child?

How did the adult world represent it to you?

Was it a world of high flyers, with a certain type of car, achieved only through a lot of hard work?

And from that viewpoint as a child what did you decide it would mean for you to be successful?

🎯That you could only feel rich through hard work

🎯 That you couldn’t have a happy relationship and career

🎯 That you couldn’t be a mum and do something you loved

How has that image from childhood of how success gets to be affected your choices?


Has it worked out how you thought it would?

I’m guessing if you made it this far down this post, the answer is no.

Because you can’t create true success for yourself based on someone else’s version.

Because where were you also shown that success is feeling happy, fulfilled by WHO YOU ARE, something you get to feel REGARDLESS of the car you’re driving, the money you’re making or the work you’re doing.

Because where were you shown that being able to sit with yourself and feel good is a special kind of achievement that even some of the ‘richest’ people in the world haven’t mastered.

You can learn to make more money, you can definitely find ways to work harder and you can spend everything on a car but does it feel like real success if you struggle to look yourself in the eye?

Because someone else’s view of success was never YOUR purpose.

When you find your purpose, it unlocks your version of success.

Your most successful self is always the most YOU version of you.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this book a Divine Purpose Reading to unlock your sacred gifts and learn how to start using them in the world.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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