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My soul made me do it

Do you identify as a workaholic?

Because I know a lot of driven women do.

They regularly hear;

You work too much

You only care about work

You have no time for anyone.

And it’s definitely a route I’ve been down in the past.

Working to the point of exhaustion, working to block, numb and avoid things and also working to make money, find meaning and create something.

But I’ve also come to realise that I’m not a workaholic because I’m not crazy about spending my precious time doing what I don’t love, being underpaid and undervalued.

That's not really my thing.

Those times I worked such long hours in so many jobs, I was searching.

Soul searching.

Looking for what my soul came here to do.

Yet my soul, and yours too, doesn’t know 9-5, bonuses or promotions.

It just knows.

It’s just here to be expressed, to expand to add something to consciousness and the world.

So now if I get accused of ‘working too much’?

My soul made me do it.

Once you open up the connection you can’t (easily) shut it down again.

A download for an idea comes the minute you’re going to dish up the dinner, so you make a note.

You HAVE to go and spend time by the sea at random times of day.

You have highs and lows which don’t make sense to anyone else.

You have an insatiable thirst to learn and master your craft.

All part of the fun of following your soul’s path, and something you can’t wait to do EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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