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Keep focus, manage resistance

Looking to move forward?

Whatever the goal, more money, more clients, more freedom there are only ever two things you need to give your attention.

Your focus and your resistance.

If you keep your focus on your goal you will always be heading towards it.

If you consistently manage your resistance, which shows up as the self sabotage and limiting behaviours, you’re only ever clearing the path towards what you want.

Yet we make things so complicated!

Tell me if this is you?

We become fixated on fixing ourselves because we believe we are faulty and not worthy.

Which breeds the one day mentality.

One day I can have what I want, when I’ve done more training, more research, lost some weight or whatever it is…

Or we need to understand EVERYTHING.

When you realise that your healing journey is more like War and Peace: the directors cut!, than a quick read, then it’s time to let go of understanding every single thing that’s ever happened to you.

All you need is speed (the epitome of managing resistance) and focus, to quote Lightning McQueen ~ hey there’s spiritual guidance wherever you look if you’re open to it.

Speed and focus.

Keep your focus, manage your resistance.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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