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If your mind isn't sure, ask your body

Overthinking holding you back in your business?

If you do, this message is definitely for you 💨

Something you’ll notice when you start your business is there are A LOT of decisions to make.

From which platforms to use, how to define your message, how to attract the right opportunities.

So many decisions, which can possibly be pure hell for someone who has a tendency to overthink.

Because with each new choice, there’s so many options.

You don’t want to make the wrong choice, you don’t want to lose money and you struggle with any decisions that supersede how you currently see yourself.

This is critical, because you are likely missing out on golden opportunities just because they aren’t a match to your current identity.

(Of course this occurs on a subconscious level).

Consciously you spend a lot of time in your mind, trying to think your way forward.

But your mind is only a part of your knowing.

The decisions in your business require a full body yes or no.

This is how an Empress lives.

She knows her own mind, because she LISTENS to her body.

Think of all the decisions you’ve made where things may have not exactly worked out how you hoped, and think back to what you may have felt in your body which you didn’t fully tune into.

The knot in your stomach, tightness in your chest, lump in your throat.

Likely it was there, and you bypassed it because we’ve been taught our mind is all powerful, and disconnected from our bodies.

At the end of one relationship I had a tightness across my upper back and shoulder blades which I couldn’t shift.

It felt like wearing a metal plate, very heavy, very constricting…you get the drift.

My body knew, as does yours.

And when you remember how to listen to your body and let it work with your mind? You become a powerhouse, a true Empress.

Want to bring this energy to your business? Send me a DM about how I can support you over the next 6 months in my 1:1 Empress Energy, where I’ll help you to connect to your mind, body and soul so you never doubt yourself again.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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