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Does it EXPAND you?

Because if it doesn’t it’s blocking your purpose.

Living your purpose is about expansion. Of your mind, energy, potential.

The thing preventing most women from truly living their purpose isn’t a lack of skill, confidence or experience, because they can all be learned, it’s the way she lets herself be taken out of the game.

Namely by her drama.

Whether it’s fighting with your spouse, with that recurring argument, attracting the wrong relationships, again, or always having just enough to live on, your drama keeps you in anxiety and away from abundance.

It’s like getting caught in a current that you knew was there but you dived in anyway.

And all the time you’re stuck in your drama you’re missing experiencing the true beauty of your divine purpose.

Drama could cost you years, if it hasn’t already.

Every experience you’re having is either expanding you or constricting you.

Anxiety only tightens the grip as what seems possible for you gets further away.

Whereas your purpose, the true reason for you being here, always expands you even if some of the lessons are uncomfortable, it always creates MORE.

Because when you consciously choose to let go of drama, you get so much back.

You get vital pieces of yourself back.

You get your intuition and peace of mind back.

You feel so much more energised and taking those vital steps, that make your purpose a reality, don’t seem anyway near as difficult as they did before.

If you’re serious about stepping into your purpose, and would like my 1:1 support for the rest of the year then send me a PM about EXPAND, 6 weeks of intuitive coaching to help you release your ANXIETY so you can own your purpose like never before. Hit reply to this message to find out more.

And if you feel stuck around what to do next with your purpose work I also have 10 Purpose Alignment sessions available, where I’ll help you get over whatever has been blocking you and stopping you from taking the next action, these are just $33 and you can book yours here:

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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