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Believing in magic

What would it mean for you to live a magical life?

Where every day another dream comes true?

Where you open up to the Universe’s natural state of abundance?

If you’re not sure magic really exists…

Even spiritual gangstas get the blues and that was my day recently.

Nothing going right, challenges, not feeling supported and all in my feels AND I’d said goodbye to my children that morning knowing it will be 48 hours + before I see them.

After lunch I went to get a coffee, and kissed my funk goodbye choosing to create something magical.

If the day doesn’t start right, choose again right?

As I’m in the queue, not even two minutes later, my phone rang and it’s the school saying my eldest is going to finish early as his cough is getting worse and I can collect both boys.

I fly back to the school and get to see my children to hear about their day, something denied to me while they are away, and give them an extra cuddle and kiss before they go.

What could have been MORE magical?

Was it magical my son had a cough, no of course not but he had that anyway.

Was it a coincidence that in almost the same moment I put in my request that I got the call? I know for sure it wasn’t.

When you put a PURE intention out there, the universe LISTENS.

Magical moments are available all of the time.

So the next time you’re feeling off, ask and receive the magic ✨

AND exciting new beta offer:


6 weeks 1:1 coaching and intuitive guidance to LEVEL UP and make 2022 your most expansive year ever.

Don’t wait until January 4 to rush making some resolutions.

The same ones you’ve made for the last 8 years…

Don’t hold back from fully living your true purpose for another year.

Decide it’s TIME to become your most expansive self, lit up by her work and receiving the love and rewards she deserves

Decide it’s time to release the past

Decide you are ready to go for the vision you actually want for your life.

Decide, decide, decide.

In EXPAND I will help you to connect to your higher self and prepare for everything you want in 2022.

Investment is $777 (or instalments).

Send me a DM if you’re ready to EXPAND!

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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