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Being the Queen of your energy

You are QUEEN of your own energy.

The one thing you always have is your energy.

The way you create everything in your reality is with your energy.

And your energy is the biggest indicator of what’s truly for you.

What drives your energy?

Your soul.

The purest form of your energy is your soul at its highest expression.

The highest expression.

Of you as pure, brilliant, dazzling soul light.

That’s the energy that’s learnt some hard lessons and continues to shine.

That’s the energy that’s managed the ego so it doesn’t steal the show.

And it’s the energy that shows love to the inner child so it doesn’t feel left out and throw a tantrum.

That energy, that pure soul light, is POWERFUL af and when you connect back to it and feel it’s raw, beautiful power it’s like a multi-dimensional light sabre cutting through anything that doesn’t serve you.

Because energy never leaves, it transforms.

And when you call ALL of your energy back to you, and what you’re REALLY here for, there’s nothing that you can’t create.

It’s the same energy that builds mountains, controls the tide and spins the earth.

It is you.

Be you, be limitless,


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