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Anyone else sign up for an epic spiritual awakening as part of starting your business?

I didn’t.

I wanted to work for myself so I wouldn’t be told what to do

I could drink hot Italian coffee

I could go outside when it was sunny

I could travel to places to feel inspired

And I could pretty much just be myself.

Which is something I never fully felt I could do while working for other people.

And I’ve had a lot of jobs; from working in night clubs to professional offices.

But I was never really me.

I recently found a bunch of responses to job applications I made after I finished University.

Applications to magazines, film companies, schools, publishing houses, design studios.

And all were, nicely, rejected.

At the time I remember it felt very rough, being constantly rejected, but looking back now there was not one single one of those jobs I actually WANTED.

Because none of them were going to help me BE me.

They were all what I thought I should be doing.

And each time the Universe nudged me back to my course, until I finally ‘got it’ that creating something myself was going to be my greatest work, and life lesson.

Creating something myself would bring out my divine gifts in a way no ‘job’ was ever going to, and it would allow me to serve others at my highest level, rather than going through the motions of someone else’s rules.

And the path so far has uncovered a lot of other things about myself which I didn’t know from my human design, gene keys, my true purpose, my ancestral lineage…

Some of it has been ‘heavy going’ and filling in spreadsheets or writing articles would sometimes provide some light relief, but in no way would those things ever compare to the fulfilment of learning how to BE myself and to help others do the same.

It took me a while to get it but I found the best job in the world.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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