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The Universe wants to SURPRISE you

Have you noticed how you can’t rush the Universe, cheat it or control it?

There’s a reason divine timing exists.

You’ve decided there’s something you really, really want.

You asked the Universe, pleeeease can I have it and then you’ve sat there waiting for it to arrive. And waited.

If you can picture it, it is yours.

But only when you get out of the way.

Imagine being a little kid at Christmas.

You wrote your Christmas list asking for EVERYTHING you wanted, but you’re also suspicious of Santa.

You watch your parents like a hawk, trying to catch them out. And the more you do, you’re left with nothing.

No clue that you’re going to get what you asked for.

When it’s already yours.

When it doesn’t matter how it arrives.

It might not even arrive the way you thought it would.

Think about where you’re doing this now, in business, in relationships, with money.

Where are you waiting to catch out the Universe to ‘prove’ that what you want is on the way?

And why do you need to know?

Because it’s easier to stay in your power when you’re reassured that it’s all working out.

It’s easier to be in your power when you’re getting the results, when things are going well, when the money is coming in.

Until you ask for bigger things, which might take a bit longer, then it gets harder to HOLD your power.

The same rules apply, you asked for it so it’s yours and it’s on the way.

But you’re mind goes back into that little kid mode of trying to work out the HOW and the WHEN and hoping to catch the Universe out.

Because you’re ‘testing it’ to see if it’s as magical and abundant as you feel it is deep down, but you also want to protect yourself from being disappointed. Hence that feeling of ‘I need to know’.

But knowing takes away from the magic, because the Universe wants to surprise you.

It wants to bring you everything you asked for in the most amazing, special way.

When you let it.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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