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The relationship between your purpose and your relationship

Many female entrepreneurs are fighting a quiet battle.

Between their purpose and who they are in their relationship.

And it isn’t working.

I’ve seen this take two significant routes:

They deeply feel their partner needs to be on the same path as them for it ALL to work


They feel totally unseen by their partner and dull their shine to fit in as they don’t have the SUPPORT.

Neither are ideal.

Both hold you back from creating what you’re truly capable of achieving


Relationships don’t thrive when one person is feeling the need to hide parts of themselves.

Often it’s acceptable, because it’s ‘not that bad’.

It’s not too uncomfortable to live with not being quite seen or heard in the way that would light you up.

It’s bearable to not be fully achieving what you want, because it might come at the cost of everything else.

There’s still time, somewhere down the line, to become and be who you really want.

And everything you’ve tried hasn’t made a difference.

You’ve tried talking.

You worked harder to inspire your partner to SEE you or to get on board with your vision.

And you’ve tried to be the perfect EVERYTHING so you can be the wife, partner, entrepreneur, mother, who really has it all.

And you ended up sick and tired in the process.

None of that outside stuff matters until you address your ENERGY.

And make your relationship to your own energy the most important one in your life, because it is.

You can try the exhausting process of persuading, convincing and perfecting

OR you can work on your energy and show up as an Empress, who is calm, creative and abundant, and that’s when people start to take notice.

You didn’t have to say or do anything, you just had to BE.

If you’re excited to do this work, find your inner Empress and end the cycle of exhaustion, I’m looking for 3 female entrepreneurs who are ready to make massive shifts in their businesses.

If so send me a DM with Empress Energy - and I’ll tell you how I can support you for the next 6 months to be fully in your purpose, creating abundance and be connected in your relationships.

Be you, be limitless,

Vicky ❤️

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